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Since 1965 we have been dedicated to supporting teachers, nurses, schools and parishes around the world with our cards.

If you are a public or private school teacher or nurse or social worker please let us know. Please tell us the name of your school or hospital or parish in the order notes and we will give you a 10% rebate on the products in your order!

We are always seeking retailers that share in serving caring professionals. Please inquire regarding wholesale and volume discounts.

If you have a church or school shop we are happy to tailor make a Christmas Card fundraiser and help support your community. Please share this site with your friends so we may continue with this goal. Thank You!

Flavia Weedn

"Mama was raised on deep southern values by a humble family rich in love and hope. The depth of their goodness, their belief in God, and their faith in one another shaped the beautiful soul of our mother. She was born not of money, prestige or finery, but of giving and gracious hearts. She loved life with a passion and had a unique way of embracing every moment as a miracle. She never forgot to thank God for small blessings; she knew that in small things there existed great virtues. Mama’s wealth was her capacity to love. Indeed, she was the richest woman among us.

God gave Mama true grace and a classic inner beauty. She was genteel, feminine, tender and real. A deep and free thinker, she was captivating, elegant in her simplicity, and always so filled with wonder. She wore bangles on her wrists and high-top sneakers until her last days here on earth. She found beauty everywhere and in everyone. Mama was brave and unafraid; she understood there was no time to leave words unsaid. She held love in her pocket, always had a story to tell and a heart that would listen uncritically. Her life’s work inspired romances, soothed broken hearts, gave hope to all who needed it most. She was a voice of encouragement and validation; she gave us all permission to feel and to share our feelings not only without shame, but with passion and gratitude. Her voice reminded us that we are never alone. She generously dedicated herself to providing hope to the human spirit and touched the lives of millions all over the world."

On this site you can enjoy much of our mothers work and perhaps share it with others you love like she taught us to do. - Rick and Lisa Weedn 2024

From our Family to Yours

Flavia and Lisa Weedn's creative talents have been the core of our family's expressive work since 1980. Here is Flavia, Lisa and Stella Weedn, one of Flavia's beloved granddaughters.

Made with Love since 1959.

Since Flavia Weedn began painting and making cards in 1959, she did not stop until her passing in 2015. Flavia's family has never ceased following in her footsteps. At The Flavia Studios Shop, we have curated a selection of imagery that she either created or she loved. Her work was inspired by her life and her dreams. She loved art from around the world and photography that inspired the human spirit.

Our speciality is making cards, calendars and posters as eccentric as Flavia herself, all made out of 100% archival cotton paper and with the same love that Flavia put into all that she accomplished.

Here she is enjoying time with her grandson Miguel Angel Weedn in her Santa Barbara studio in the Old El Paseo. Circa 2008.

After Mom's passing in 2015, The Studio was moved to Lugano, Switzerland where it thrives today.

We make all of our products one at a time supervised by her son Rick Weedn or her grandson Miguel Weedn. We proudly publish the work of her daughter Lisa Weedn who lives in Santa Barbara, California. We are happy you found us!

About Flavia and Jack Weedn

Here is a link to more about The Flavia Brand built by Jack and Flavia Weedn. Licensing inquiries contact rweedn@archivea.com

Rick Weedn

I am proud to be the custodian of the Flavia and Lisa Weedn archives of a lifetime of art creation. I have led a blessed life thanks to the tireless work of my parents and the work of my sister and myself prior to our retirements. I live now in Portugal, Switzerland and Italy. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments. rweedn@archivea.com

Flavia Weedn Circa 1962

Here is mom from around 1962 at one of her first art shows on the street in Orange County, Southern California. In those days Dad made the frames and the A Frames that presented Moms art. Photo courtesy of Kohler Family (our cousins). I love this one.

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Flavia's Inspiration